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We can help with everything from domain and hosting to the last dot of your website. We will discuss, design and implement everything exactly according to your expectations.

Web design - od společné tvorby struktury po on-line připravený web ke spuštění | Brickmin

Web design & developement

We sit down together, you describe your ideas and goals, and we bring them to life. We'll create a website exactly to your specifications.

Loga a tiskoviny - Tvorba loga a firemní grafiky na míru. Také vizitky a letáky | Brickmin

Logo, graphics and printed materials

We will design a logo, necessary graphics and printed materials tailored to your business. You will always be able to choose from several options.

Zprovoznění webu - Můžeme zařídit hosting i doménu = správa webu na jednom místě | Brickmin

Domain and hosting setup

We will help or arrange domain registration, ordering hosting and then hand over the working environment with the website and all the necessary data for its management.

UX/UI Design - Navrhneme design i prototyp | Brickmin

UX / UI design

Have you thought of any improvements, new design or features for your website? We will help you turn it into reality and create a design and prototype.

Tvorba tutoriálů - Natočíme, namluvíme a sestříháme na míru | Brickmin

Tutorials creation

We'll create a simple tutorial that will make it easy for users of your site or platform. We will film all the material, dub the video (even in English / Czech), cut and edit it.

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