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Who we are

We are a family-run web development company, from domain and hosting to writing the final dot on your website. We can provide both a redesign of an out-of-date website and the creation of the first website for any business. We currently work primarily with the WordPress content management system, but soon plan to take our experience up a notch to offer you more web design options.

The great advantage of WordPress is its user-friendliness, where it can be handed over to you for further management after the site is created. But don't worry, our support team will be there for you in times of need. We will help you in all circumstances.

We also provide UX / UI designs, so if you have any imperfections on your site or have a brilliant idea for improving it, we can help you bring it to life. We will suggest the design and the prototype, i.e. how it can work.

Extensions are a matter of course

Plugins and all extensions are the basis of websites on content management systems, which help us to provide maximum security, responsiveness and customized designs.

We can also help you with an SSL certificate that protects your visitors' sensitive data and your identity with an encrypted HTTPS connection.

Why work with us?

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Or contact us directly at:
E-mail: info@brickmin.cz
Tel.: +420 603 269 528 or +420 606 827 564